Online casinos have grown in popularity throughout the world with New Zealand leading the way. Due to land-based casinos being few and far between in a country like New Zealand, online casinos are quickly becoming the most popular form of gambling. New Zealand has taken the unusual step of banning local businesses from offering online casinos but has left the door open for offshore operators to offer Kiwis an online gambling experience.

The best online casinos come with a myriad of games. Whether you want to play roulette, slots, blackjack, video pokers, and other countless ones, you will find your favourite games at one of New Zealand’s premier online casinos. There are now live casino games that take the next step in the evolution of casino games. These live casinos have real dealers and tables that are life streamed to players, allowing them to delve into the real-world casino experience.

Maximizing your winnings and avoiding losses, requires players to play strategically. Each casino game type has various patterns of play that increase your chances of success. These strategies range from the Martingale Betting Strategy, which is used for roulette, to the double-down blackjack strategy. Before learning the best ways to make money at online casinos you must first choose a place to play and we recommend checking out a list of the best online casinos that accept NZ dollars to start with.  The following is a list of the best way to amerce great winnings.

Adopt a Playing Strategy

Earning money through casinos needs persistence and wise decision-making. That includes adopting the right game plan. It will help if you choose the casinos with demos or free spins in slot games. Those platforms will equip you with playing experience. Do not be afraid to lose, because it helps you to learn from your mistakes.

Every player has an inbound strategy. You can watch how an expert plays and try to copy their approach. Consistently using a profitable strategy is essential, but if the results turn sour, you change it. Playing by the rules, waging for higher odds and RTP games, or having stop losses are some of these strategies.

For example, a stop-loss strategy helps you counter a winless run. Be disciplined in this area by drawing a bet or deposit limit line. If it’s your bad day, stop making bets and try your luck another time.

There is also a stop-winning line that you can draw. If you find yourself with an impressive win record, stop playing and withdraw the money. Sometimes the system may entice you to win much so that you wage higher amounts. That is because the site knows all your wins will elapse for one significant loss. Therefore, do not ignore the small wins because they can accumulate and fill your profit hamper.

Have the Right Game Selection

There are many game sites on the internet. Hence, do not just choose a mere game with a high house edge. A house edge is the portion of returns that the casino gets as revenue. That means a casino has a pre-determined winning edge against its players.

If it is a startup site, then avoid betting on it because they are looking for capital through higher house edges. Therefore play with a renowned established casino with a low house edge.

A game like Baccarat has a house edge of 1.24. That is somehow lower than other betting companies. Nevertheless, if you draw with them, they claim 15% per the baccarat deck used. Therefore try to avoid any ties at all costs.

For the blackjack, it depends on how you play against the officiator. That officiator represents the casino, and if they win, the leverage belongs to them. However, for a veteran player who utilizes a strategy, they lower the house edge to about 0.5%. For amateurs, their winning is reduced as the house edge is five per cent.

In contrast, the pokers bear no house edge. The site’s revenue comes from the fees you pay to play but not the house edge. Therefore no payment offsets and your winning chances are higher.

Utilizes the bonuses, jackpots, and free spins

Bonuses are a way to make money online. There are many bonuses. They include the welcome bonus, matched bonus, no deposit bonus, the fixed ones, and many others. If you utilize the bonuses strategically, you acquire a significant amount.

The welcome bonus attracts newbies, and if you play it right, it counts on your winnings. In slots, it resembles the free spins. The offer gives you playing expertise and a chance to develop a playing strategy. The matched bonus and fixed bonus count with a percentage of the player’s stakes. The difference between them is that the percentage simulation is dissimilar.

Choose to play in with a no wagering requiring bonus limits. Some platforms need you to stake a particular multiplier symbol for you to claim the bonus. That means if the bonus is $200, a company may set a multiplier of ten-time (10). Therefore you have to deposit two-thousand dollars to get the reward.

Find the Best Online Casinos in Your Area

There are an incredible number of online casinos available in New Zealand, so how do you find the best online casino for your needs? The answer to this question is more simple than you may initially think. There are 3 key elements to consider: the casino reputation, the welcome bonus and the payout speed. These factors all work together to help you decide which online casino is best suited to your needs. What is difficult is finding this information as it requires a large amount of research.

We have seen several people recommend the Casino Kingdom and Cosmo Casino for exceptional service and a wide variety of casino games. These are two premier online casinos in New Zealand but many others are equally as good, if not better.

We recommend that you check out to find the best online casino in NZ that you can trust and has fantastic bonuses.


Choose to play in sites with high jackpots. Your life can change with millions in your account after claiming a big bonus. That requires you to play strategically and be a risk-taker. Even if you lose, do not give in, but your chance will come. Although few people win the bonus, you may be the chosen one.

In many games, the jackpot is the ultimate prize of the game. There are cases where people land millions of dollars. Like in the Megabucks game, one person recorded a win of around twenty million dollars. Therefore avoid the games that have a complicated system of attaining the jackpot.

Some slot games have a wild symbol, which is the multiplier of your bet. By strategically utilizing the wild symbol, you attain the jackpot too.

Play Maximally

‘Stake much and win big.’ That is a lesson for risk-takers who bet with a higher balance. They also utilize the higher odds spots or symbols and large bet sizes. The risk-takers even target the hardest-to-win slots. By that, they suffer massive losses, but one major win compensates for all their losses.

Risk-averse individuals will play with little cash and high-wining probability games. Still, their chances of winning are high compared to the other category. But, they earn little money which is not worth it. It is upon you to play strategically and take risks to achieve bigger prizes.

Consider The RTP And Volatility Of The Games

A significant winning margin requires playing a high volatile and RTP game. RTP is the Return To a player, and volatility is the risk measure of a game. Often players avoid volatile games because they have higher risks and demand more cash.

In the RTP aspect, gamblers target games with a sustainable RTP. Higher RTP means the chances of winning a game are high. Incredible RTP ranges from 95$ to 99$. These are features to check before registering in the game. Still, play wisely in such games to amerce significant winnings.

Volatility games range in three sections. That is higher volatility ones, medium, and lower. Therefore, the lucrative type is a less volatile game because of no risks. However, the returns are less. The medium one has moderate wins, but the higher volatility is risky and rare, but greater cash wins. If you then combine a higher RTP game and high volatility, you achieve a jackpot prize. Still, higher RTP and lower volatility are the safest for you.

Play games with higher odds

The odds are the multiplier values that a game’s symbol or feature possesses. Players, therefore, cast a bet against these odds. Your bet’s cash will be multiplied by these odds. Play with sites having resourceful odds that increase your winning limit.

Play strategically by staking many different bets of higher odds. You could miss many chances, the bet you win it pays you significantly.