Casinos are run organizations run after taking calculated steps with the perfect vision towards analysis. By doing so, they make sure to avoid mistakes along the line of functionality. Since such operations are kept within wraps, it is hard to get a hold of them. But with inside views, analysis and research, you can get your hands on the same. In that manner, a particular factor that is going to interest you is the use of maths to make money. Casinos utilize this aspect when it comes to slots and is quite successful with it. Hence, let’s understand more about this venture by taking a detailed look.

The Slot Machine

Before understanding this concept, let’s take a look at the good old slot machine. It is an exciting game that accounts for most of the profits made by a casino. The demand for this game is high, and everyone comes forward to play the same. Things like huge payout and valuable chances are what guides people to make this decision. As a result, they leave behind other games to play slots. The steps to play the game are simple, as an individual needs to insert currency, select the type of bet, click on spin and if you have money remaining and also want to quit, then cash out. This level of simplicity has made matters further exciting.


The Method

The above instructions and rules appeal to only players. As far as casinos are concerned, they tend to look at different things, such as the “drop” and “handle”. The former stands for the amount invested by a player into a machine whereas the latter is the total amount of bet invested by a player. It is individuals who generate both these aspects, make matters meet for the casino. For example, imagine if a player puts in $100 and hits a jackpot of $50. If he/she decides to keep going until the entire money is gone, then a successful drop of $100 and a handle of $150 has been progressed. Once the machine is done paying out jackpots, it tends to receive the casino win or revenue.

A Statistical Advantage

After reading the details mentioned above, you might realize that the entire situation will depend upon winning and losing. But the winner is always the casino. The algorithm that decides the winning factor also holds a percentage and paytable, detailing how much and how often games will payback. This aspect tends to bring about a statistical advantage that rests calmly over the shoulders of the casino. Based on the math for this particular game, casinos always stand to generate a definite victory.