Tip #1: Show you the money!

Money management is one of the secrets of being a successful roulette player because it means you are thinking with your head, not your emotions. Of course, 35:1 odds are tempting, but get hold of yourself, Dude. Get your feet wet by adopting a financial plan that includes reserving winnings. Savvy roulette players immediately transfer profits to bank accounts and continue to play with their seed money, which is best kept in a dedicated account that’s not used for any purpose other than play. Think of this as your pleasure account. Add funds whenever you’ve got extra cash so it remains your sole source of revenue and you don’t have to feed your dog crappy pet food because you can’t afford the good stuff due to your roulette loses.

Tip #2: Maintain some semblance of control

Successful spins with positive outcomes can flood the body with so much adrenaline, you can almost feel your common sense flow out of your ears. It happens. Practice the Zen of Roulette to keep your emotions in check. Remember that your objective is to have fun. Everyone who approaches the wheel in need of cash and hoping that the game can be the solution they’re desperately seeking starts off on the wrong foot and needs to step away from the roulette wheel to get a grip. Relax. Don’t let desperation rush your bets and don’t sweat a loss, because the distraction will divert your attention. Accept the fact that the game is random and there are no evil gods out to get you, gleefully celebrating your loss by doing happy dances. Those devils live in your head. Ask them to vacate the premises.

Tip #3: Be the master of your fate

Keep tabs on previous sessions/rounds, allowing the outcomes to help you make logical decisions about future spins. Adopt popular strategies that include always playing free roulette while you cut your teeth on the game and bet on outside chances, be they red/black, odd/even, high/low, or columns; dozens. Practice consistently and make notes. It’s okay to focus on profit-taking, as long as you keep at the forefront of your brain that you’re not competing with the bricks and mortar or online casino. Further, understand the differences between European and American roulette setups and if given a choice, go with the European option because your chances of losing at a faster pace tend to be found at an American table. Oh, and before starting, train yourself to spot biases by spinning the wheel several times to ascertain whether odd or even numbers are more likely to pop up.

Tip #4: Understand the difference between Martingale and D’Alembert Systems

These two rather antiquated roulette systems have deep historic roots yet they remain in play today. The D’Alembert system, invented by 18th-century French mathematician by the namesake, Jean-Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert is the easiest strategy to apply because it’s simple and uncomplicated. You make your wager, you add the value of one if you lose and deduct the value of one if you win. In technical terms, this is a negative progression methodology that sounds more complicated than it is. Thank the Brits for the Martingale System. Named after John Henry Martindale who was a casino owner in London. This methodology requires you to place a wager equal to your value (eg $10) and if unsuccessful you double the value for your next wager. Must you choose just one? Don’t be silly, but it makes sense to try one long enough to thoroughly understand the system before moving on to the other. By the way, these aren’t the only two systems you’ll find once you enter the realm of roulette, so feel free to do some research into the subject if you are curious.

Tip #5: Does it matter where you sit?

Assuming you always choose the action and excitement of a real casino over an online one, you may wonder if the seat you choose will have any bearing on your ability to come out ahead. In fact, there’s scientific evidence that some seats are better than others. Should you avoid any seat? Yes. Let someone else sit adjacent to where column bets are posted. Before you start whining about crowds being so dense, there are no seat choices, you may wish to play something else until the table you have chosen gives you seating options. In order of preference, these are your 3 best seat positioning bets: 1. Sit at the center and in front of the roulette table 2. Take the last seat located around the backside of table 3. Occupy the seat right next to the dealer.

Tip #6: Is there any way to find a number that refutes statistics?

There is if you are comfortable doing math, believe in random chance, and are up for taking the advice of Russell T. Barnhart. Here’s his advice for testing his theory: during an 8-hour stint at the roulette wheel, between 300 and 350 spins are possible, and of those spins, logically explains that any number has a 50-percent chance of hitting twice. You’re advised to favor that number until a new number hits 3 times and then play it instead. According to Barnhardt, it takes several days using his system to see positive results and there’s no way to master this technique without writing numbers down. Your objective is to place your best on the number that comes up more often. Want to know more? Invest some of your winnings in Barnhardt’s book “Beating the Wheel: Winning Strategies at Roulette,” but keep the author’s warning in mind: this is no foolproof system, so keep that in mind if you decide to try it out.

Tip #7: Additional wisdom you can take to the bank

Beginners are best served by betting outside the table. You won’t win more, but you’ll be more consistent statistically. -The more you play, the more the casino benefits. The less you play, the more you benefit. Sound illogical? It’s not. When you sit out some decisions you morph into the Buddha of Roulette and will enjoy the game more. -If given a choice, opt for the French/European version of roulette because the house edge is lower. Specifically, the edge in the American version is 5.2-percent while it’s only 2.7-percent outside the U.S. -Remember that straight bets are long shots while consistent outside betting is your ticket to future yields and that while every table has a minimum bet, inside and outside bets at the same table can be different. -Establish a deposit method before you start playing. Whether you prefer to use a dedicated credit or debit card, wish to draw money from a checking account via Echecks or you’re comfortable using a resource like Neteller, stick to just one so you can keep track of all of your activity. -Increase your chances of winning by making multiple bets for each spin and spreading those bets out.