Gambling has existed for a very long time and can be dated to over a thousand years back. It is considered a great career option when you are looking into the opportunities over the years. There are many people who have made a large fortune by winning some huge amount while betting. When it comes to gambling, one needs to understand that not everyone can will always as not everything is based out of pure luck. There are some people out there who are always trying to beat the odds and constantly winning to help keep their professional career out of it.

Billy Walter

Billy Walters is one of the richest sports gamblers in the world. He is known for betting on American Football and Basketball which are worth millions of dollars. He started off at the age of nine, and he made up to $3.5 million. Once he was able to make $2 million in just one sitting. This method, although successful, has its own challenges with every single year where he started noticing winning streak. A few years later, he lost the biggest gamble of the time and was found guilty as an insiders job.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey was born in California who was raised in New Jersey. He started out as a teen where he got himself a fake ID which can allow one to get the right visiting a casino. He later started to perform gambling professionally. He later wrote ten world series poker bracelet to be one of the youngest players ever. Ivey has been admitted into many prestigious poker halls of fame and has a net worth which is $23 million. He is also one of the biggest names in cash winner ever who is also to one to get the right $20 million out of an online poker night. He has won around $12 million in Punto Banco at Crockford’s Casino in London.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec was born in Australia, and in his early stage of life, he was introduced to the world of gambling. He studied Commerce and law in the University of Tasmania where he was later transferred to the University in the New South Wales. He later dropped out of focus in his gambling career, which he took advantage of card counting into his benefit. He started using math and started to win big bets. This method, although did not last very long, got him banned from most of the Australian Casinos. Horse Racing was bound which can be allowed him to be teamed up with Alan Woods while he was allowed to focus on Horse Racing which allowed them to make millions together. He is also known to make a lot of money for playing online games like nzd online casino.