Victories in gambling have brought about a different atmosphere. Apart from all the usual excitement and cheer, there is something more to particular achievements that tends to be interesting. These victories were not the usual type that was visible in gambling. Instead, they have some form of uniqueness and make matters different. So to put an end to your curiosity, we have made a list of all the crazy wins in gambling. Hence, go check it out.

1. How Archie Karas Went from $50 to $40 Million

The story of Archie Karas is, by all means, a very interesting and fun-filled adventure. In 1992, he drove into Vegas with $50 in his pocket. This came after a loss of $2 million in a Los Angeles high stakes poker game. So with the remaining $50, he entered the Binion’s Horseshoe casino. In an unusual poker variant that allows the lowest hand to win, Archie Karas made matters right and repaid his debt with interest and had enough to keep playing. That particular streak continued for the next three years, and he went to $40 million. It is a well-known incident that made Archie Kara’s life into a rollercoaster ride. The right combination of hot and cold streaks filled with various types of runs made him a legend to be remembered.

Sean Connery

2. Sean Connery and Roulette

Before Sean Connery became an established actor, he made quite a few runs with gambling. He used to gamble with his father and that form of interest never really left him. In 1963, Connery was at a casino in the Alps, Italy. He went forward to play Roulette and placed his money on 17. When he missed it, he tried again and again, until it landed on 17 for the third roll. He left his winning and continued to make bets. Surprisingly, 17 came again in the third row. He cleared over 17 million Lire and then decided to leave. This brilliant feat is often the main reason why a name like Sean Connery gets associated with Roulette.

3. The Story of Thomas Austin Preston

Thomas Austin Preston was known as “Amarillo Slim” in his hometown. He was an individual who would never refuse to take a bet if he believed that he had the edge over things. He learned pool hustling and through time became the winner of the World Series of Poker in 1974. But his Ping Pong battle with Bobby Riggs is what made headlines. The wager was for $10,000, and Riggs had agreed to everything. Amarillo had spent months practising and preparing for this particular match. Towards the end, the results stood at 21-8, Slim.