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Tips for playing Poker at a Casino

Tips for playing Poker at a Casino

When you were wandering around the casino you may have walked past the Poker Room. This could be one of the more intimidating places in the casino. You may see all sorts of people wearing sunglasses inside, wearing sweatshirts with the hoods up even though its August. I assure you that’s perfectly normal and nothing that should scare you at all! Looking at it from a numbers point of view poker is probably your greatest odds as you aren’t playing against the house. In poker, you’re playing against the other people sitting at the table so depending on skill levels it could present you with the best odds. The trick is to get your skill level up so that you can compete with some of the sharks that may be sitting at those very tables. Poker is a very simple game in which your purpose is very clear and distinct. The only issues are that such a simple game like poker can be so very complicated when in the heat of the battle. We aren’t going to go over the basics as to what hands beat what as you should already know that if you’re looking to sit down and compete with other poker players. What we will be going over though will be some of the most basic strategies that you can implement that will increase your odds and more importantly teach you the more intricate details of the game.

Play the hands you’re dealt

The most basic rule will be to play the hands that you’re dealt but you may be thinking what does that mean? What this means is you need to play the hands that are going to give you the best odds of winning the pot. No more playing the cards because they are your favourite numbers, or because you think the cards are pretty! If those are the hands you want to play just drop your money on the table and let them divide it up because you will lose over time. You need to be playing those stronger hands that we will go over a little here. Big picture cards and bigger pairs are the hands you want to be playing.

Play when you’re in the strongest position on the table

Position at the table may be the most important factor as to when to be playing in hands. At the poker table, you will hear words such as on the button, cutoff and under the gun to name just a few. These relate to where you’re sitting at the table and being on the button is the strongest position to be in. What on the button is referring to is the fact that you’re last to act during the round of betting. This is so important because you will have the ability to steal a lot of pots by just betting when it gets checked around to you. If people are weak they will more than likely fold to your bet but if they do call you to beware and be careful the next round as they may be trying to trap you. Now the opposite of the button is when you’re under the gun which means you’re first to act after the small and big blind and have numerous people to act after you. When in this position you need to be playing only the strongest of hands and folding everything else to keep you out of trouble!

Check, fold or bet?

Another key to your success is going to be knowing when to check fold or bet. At the very most basic level of poker if you’re playing the hand you should be raising the pot no matter what hand has developed into. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you need to be folding all of those garbage or borderline hands that you’re dealt when you’re out of position. The final is checking as this should be what you’re doing least when playing poker as you should just raise or fold depending on what you’re opponent does. You should be checking the pot when you think that the opponent is strong and is trying to trap you. You can also check the pot when you’re drawing to a hand such as a straight or a flush when you don’t want to see cards for a cheap price so you can hopefully trap the opponent. Be careful with checking in the beginning though keep it simple raise to steal the pot and fold if the opponent raises you or be very careful on the next round of betting if they call you.

Know when to fold your big hands

Don’t be one of those rookies that gets a big hand and plays it down to the end just because they were dealt aces. Just so you know aces get beat all the time! The sooner you know and accept that you will have the ability to fold them and stop from losing that huge pot that will take you out. If you play poker enough you will be in situations where you have a great hand but deep down you know that you beat. Everything tells you to call because how could they have you beat when you have such a strong hand? But deep in your gut you know they hold the only cards that can beat you so if you can learn to listen to you gut instinct you will win more than you lose! We know that these actionable tips will help you get started playing poker! The only way to get great though is to continue to read and educate yourself about the game. The most important thing you can do to get great though is to play and practice as you will experience situations in real gameplay that you will never be able to prepare for. Know when to fold em’ and know when to hold em’!

Ways Through Which Technology Has Effectively Changed Gambling & the Casino Industry

Ways Through Which Technology Has Effectively Changed Gambling & the Casino Industry

Technology has brought forward it’s pair of hands into every single sector, and that includes gambling and casinos. Although the sector is widely known for entertainment purposes, it requires a certain boast of technology to remain relevant. Through time, various types of innovations have struck the industry and people seem to have benefited from the same. All their attention and interest tends to shift towards the new reaches of this sector, and the credit goes to technology. Hence, to shed more light on the same, here are a few ways through which it has effectively changed gambling and casinos.

Online Casinos

The topic of innovation for gambling stands to be clear when you bring in Online casinos. Thanks to this particular move, people can now gamble sitting within the comfort of their home. This has brought forward a global reach for gambling, and a broader frame of audiences have come into the picture. Apart from recognition, the industry has also seen profits come out of this venture. Since most of these casinos do not make compromises, one can expect things to be the same for a while.


To understand how technology has helped casinos, you need to come back to offline gambling, i.e. casinos. These places have faced numerous problems over the past, and it all seems to include security. Managing all types of people under one roof and keeping them safe is a task that requires a little help. That particular help came from technology. Today, updated standards of security have ensured people to refrain from even thinking about cheating at the casino.

Online Casino

Process of Development

As we all know, technology itself faces various stages of development. It is a particular process that goes through changes, which in turn affects other sectors. So by all means, technology will always bring in considerable changes for gambling and casinos. The perfect example of the same can be considered to be Ai (Artificial Intelligence). It came into the picture after development, and numerous business organisations have already stated their interest in the matter. There are several casinos that utilise AI to promote the cause of safety and security.

Forms of Marketing

The changes that technology brought towards marketing is immense and at times, even unimaginable. Things have gone so far ahead that business organisations find it hard to catch up. But the truth of the matter states that the new employed forms of marketing is way more beneficial and progressive. Due to this, the casino industry has seen a rise in profits. Individuals are aware of good casinos to gamble and test their luck to the finest of their abilities.


Top Gambling Secrets that Professional Gamblers Won’t Tell You

Top Gambling Secrets that Professional Gamblers Won’t Tell You

Secrets tend to emerge during the course of time, and every professional has one or two at the moment. Specific individuals prefer not to reveal such aspects, because they would like matters to go a different direction. When it comes to gambling, this particular aspect is quite visible, and people need to be aware of the same. Once we get to see the picture realistically, we can get prepared to face the odds that are bound to come up. So to help you out in this manner, we have brought together some of the top secrets that professional gamblers are not going to tell you.

1. You, Will, Lose Money

Becoming a professional gambler requires some sacrifices, and it comes in the form of money. Throughout your early stages, you will lose a considerable amount of money due to the type of bets that you placed. Since it is a part of the learning process, people tend to move on, hoping to see better results in the near future. But keep in mind, if you’re planning on starting, then you also need to be prepared for this.

Time Consuming

2. Time Consuming

There are a few aspects that can be completed in a matter of time. As far as becoming a professional gambler is concerned, you cannot become one in a fortnight. The process involves methods, rules, strategies and a lot of understanding to do along the line. One can come out strong, only if they are capable of the same. Hence, by all means, it is going to take a lot of time.

3. Emotional Stability

A sense of emotional understanding needs to come into the picture since you are going to be dealing with money. Regardless of whether you win or lose, one needs to keep their emotions in check. It should not stand to be a driving force for decision making because then you will face a hard time. So learn to control them and adapt to the situation.


4. A Job at Hand

Having a job to help you go through this process is a form of blessing. The job needs to fuel your gambling needs until you become what you want to. Thus, the job is quite essential, and it will help you make matters meet.

5. A Backup Plan

Gamblers always tend to have a backup plan, in case, things don’t go their way. Strategies and moves can change, and every gambler needs to adapt and improvise. For this purpose, most of the professionals in the business have a backup plan that they use at different junctures of their career. It needs to be understood in detail and planned out effectively.


Top Gamblers Who Made A Fortune

Top Gamblers Who Made A Fortune

Gambling has existed for a very long time and can be dated to over a thousand years back. It is considered a great career option when you are looking into the opportunities over the years. There are many people who have made a large fortune by winning some huge amount while betting. When it comes to gambling, one needs to understand that not everyone can will always as not everything is based out of pure luck. There are some people out there who are always trying to beat the odds and constantly winning to help keep their professional career out of it.

Billy Walter

Billy Walters is one of the richest sports gamblers in the world. He is known for betting on American Football and Basketball which are worth millions of dollars. He started off at the age of nine, and he made up to $3.5 million. Once he was able to make $2 million in just one sitting. This method, although successful, has its own challenges with every single year where he started noticing winning streak. A few years later, he lost the biggest gamble of the time and was found guilty as an insiders job.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey was born in California who was raised in New Jersey. He started out as a teen where he got himself a fake ID which can allow one to get the right visiting a casino. He later started to perform gambling professionally. He later wrote ten world series poker bracelet to be one of the youngest players ever. Ivey has been admitted into many prestigious poker halls of fame and has a net worth which is $23 million. He is also one of the biggest names in cash winner ever who is also to one to get the right $20 million out of an online poker night. He has won around $12 million in Punto Banco at Crockford’s Casino in London.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec was born in Australia, and in his early stage of life, he was introduced to the world of gambling. He studied Commerce and law in the University of Tasmania where he was later transferred to the University in the New South Wales. He later dropped out of focus in his gambling career, which he took advantage of card counting into his benefit. He started using math and started to win big bets. This method, although did not last very long, got him banned from most of the Australian Casinos. Horse Racing was bound which can be allowed him to be teamed up with Alan Woods while he was allowed to focus on Horse Racing which allowed them to make millions together. He is also known to make a lot of money for playing online games like nzd online casino.

Tips to Make Money from Online Gambling

Tips to Make Money from Online Gambling

Making money through online gambling brings about the same set of tips that helped traditional gambling. But the way you utilise the same tends to cause a lot of difference. You should be able to understand its purpose and move ahead to make aspects efficient. Everything needs to be in detail, eliminating problems and bringing reliable results into the matter. In this manner, you will end up making quite some money through the process. So to help you get started, here are some tips to make money from online gambling.

1. Bankroll Management

Money management or bankroll management is one of the first tips that we would happily tell anyone. It tends to evolve and does not end up being only a matter of money. By following a particular limit, one can also prevent themselves from moving further at a game that does not make sense to them anymore. Both your money and your bets will be safe from all kinds of problems that arise over time. So by following the same, you can also get an indication about the moment where you have to clear the place.

Bank roll

2. Game with the Lowest House Edges

Aiming for games with the lowest house edge might be an old strategy, but it still works. It stands to be valid for online gambling, and you can move forward to play the right games. This particular move is exceptionally beneficial for amateurs since they will not be exposed to games that are risky. Instead, they will be playing the ones that tend to give them a considerable amount of payout/return. So stay on the lookout for games like Blackjack and Baccarat that have a low percentage of the house edge.

3. A Strategy

Optimising and evolving your strategy is an important step that you need to take. It can ensure you with good results since your strategy will be flexible and adaptable. In this manner, the playing field will be levelled, and you will be more equipped to face the game. But before venturing out in this fashion, you need to add the right steps to your strategy. By figuring it out, you also tend to gain more insights about the game.


4. Rewards and Bonuses

Since we want to end on a high note, we decided to go with free rewards and bonuses that are a part of online gambling. Right from the introduction stage, there are several rewards that come your way. Opening them and playing to earn more of them will be an ideal strategy bound to bear fruits. Be it free spins or other bonuses; you need to utilise them to the right extent.

Tips That Help You Beat the Odds at the Casino

Tips That Help You Beat the Odds at the Casino

People often tend to think about various ways to beat the odds at a casino. They believe that certain tricks will give them a pass and clear them to victory. If you are someone who believed in the same statement, then you need to change that immediately. Beating the odds at a casino means facing challenges to come out on top. This requires a stable approach, followed by a couple of useful tips. So to complete that particular picture, here are some tips to beat the odds at the casino.

1. A Watch

You may or may not have noticed the fact that casinos do not have clocks. This is a move that is taken to help you stay at the casino and play for a long time. But by doing so, you tend to risk your chances at winning. So have a good watch and keep an eye on the time. In this manner, you can also decide the right moment to leave a particular table.

A Clumsy Dealer

2. A Clumsy Dealer

If you happen to find a clumsy dealer at a casino, then consider it to be a blessing. These individuals can raise your chances, and things will head in the right direction. They might flash their card downwards and make the game go right for you. Hence always be on the lookout for a clumsy dealer.

3. Practise

Putting in hours, weeks and months of practice into the game is a move that will immensely benefit you. You tend to be more advanced about the game, clearing out all kinds of problems that come in between. So the more you practise, the better you are at the game. Since we all want things to end up on a good note, it is essential that you practise.


4. Get Your Own Drinks

You may not have witnessed this, but there are casinos that get professionals drunk as a move to prevent them from winning. These drinks come as complementary and are encouraged to ease your mood. We are not telling that every casino follows this, but specific results cannot be ignored. So buy your own drinks and never think about going overboard with the same.

5. Go Big

Games that allow you to hit the high note are ones that are more predictable and profitable. This is a clear sign that people have received through gambling games like slots. So when you gamble, it is good to follow this strategy. You can either go big or leave everything and go home. The decision is up to you. Hence, remember these points and go ahead to beat more than just the odds at a casino.



The Use of Maths in Helping Casinos Make Money from Slots

The Use of Maths in Helping Casinos Make Money from Slots

Casinos are run organizations run after taking calculated steps with the perfect vision towards analysis. By doing so, they make sure to avoid mistakes along the line of functionality. Since such operations are kept within wraps, it is hard to get a hold of them. But with inside views, analysis and research, you can get your hands on the same. In that manner, a particular factor that is going to interest you is the use of maths to make money. Casinos utilize this aspect when it comes to slots and is quite successful with it. Hence, let’s understand more about this venture by taking a detailed look.

The Slot Machine

Before understanding this concept, let’s take a look at the good old slot machine. It is an exciting game that accounts for most of the profits made by a casino. The demand for this game is high, and everyone comes forward to play the same. Things like huge payout and valuable chances are what guides people to make this decision. As a result, they leave behind other games to play slots. The steps to play the game are simple, as an individual needs to insert currency, select the type of bet, click on spin and if you have money remaining and also want to quit, then cash out. This level of simplicity has made matters further exciting.


The Method

The above instructions and rules appeal to only players. As far as casinos are concerned, they tend to look at different things, such as the “drop” and “handle”. The former stands for the amount invested by a player into a machine whereas the latter is the total amount of bet invested by a player. It is individuals who generate both these aspects, make matters meet for the casino. For example, imagine if a player puts in $100 and hits a jackpot of $50. If he/she decides to keep going until the entire money is gone, then a successful drop of $100 and a handle of $150 has been progressed. Once the machine is done paying out jackpots, it tends to receive the casino win or revenue.

A Statistical Advantage

After reading the details mentioned above, you might realize that the entire situation will depend upon winning and losing. But the winner is always the casino. The algorithm that decides the winning factor also holds a percentage and paytable, detailing how much and how often games will payback. This aspect tends to bring about a statistical advantage that rests calmly over the shoulders of the casino. Based on the math for this particular game, casinos always stand to generate a definite victory.


The Richest Gamblers In The World And Their Net Worth

The Richest Gamblers In The World And Their Net Worth

Gambling is one activity which can allow people to learn to grow, which also includes their wallets. There are many people who started out as simple gamblers, gambling for fun. Later, they made these skills and strategy to earn more and become the richest gamblers in the World.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is a mathematician who was born in Pittsburgh in 1957, Pennsylvania. He finished his degree in Physics and used his skill to help count cards at blackjack which allowed him to beat the dealer. After, seven years he brought the house down and was banned from more casinos. He later worked with Alan Woods and moved to Hing Kong which allowed them to build a formula allowing them easy access to predict horse races. They created one of the World’s first software-assisted gambling operations which is one of the most successful operations to this day.

Edward E Thorp

Edward E Thorp

Edward E Thorp was born in Chicago in 1932 who has a degree in Mathematics from UCLA. Thorp was one of the first to use the computer, which allowed one to understand the blackjack strategy, which made the device a card counting scheme to help improve the players odds. He later puts the calculations to the rest, which allowed them to verify his theory. He also wrote ‘Beat the dealer’ which is an ultimate guide to beat the dealer at card counting game made for both amateurs and professional players.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec was born in Australia, and after he dropped out of his university, he started pursuing a career which allowed them to have the right advantage in gambling. He started to play blackjack, which allowed one to win the right seven-figure jackpot. While playing blackjack, which allowed him to develop a sophisticated math formula and help with a photographic memory which led him to be banned from any Australian casinos. He later started to expand his case while he tried to explore his predictions. He also started to account for 6-8% of the turnover, which allowed him to win $1 billion annually.

Billy Walters

Billy Walters

Billy Walter is a legend, especially in sports betting. He came from humble beginnings and moved to Munfordville, Kentucky. His father was a professional poker player and Billy at the age of nine was able to get all the knowledge about gambling to help him be the best. He started off at $1000, and as he grew with his strategies, he started operating on his own hands. He later became a successful gambler without having to work with the many analysts. He later started to make his own decisions on the table, which led him to be one of the richest gamblers.

Six Facts About Casino Gambling

Six Facts About Casino Gambling

Casinos are one of the most interesting ways of learning more about the gambling industry and people involved. This is a place where people go to have fun and give themselves a right chance to win. This is one of the main reasons why people have a lot of exciting stories revolving around the casino. In this article, we learn some exciting facts about casino gambling.

The FedEx Story

FedEx is a multinational company which revolves around delivery and courier services. The Founder of FedEx Frederick Smith has to gamble to save his company. The companies whose net worth was around $2.997 billion became bankrupt with only $5000 the founder decided to try his luck. He went o Vegas with the money which was left and won $27,000 which he put back in his business. This is one move which led him to bring back his company from bankruptcy.

The invention of the Sandwich

The invention of the Sandwich

The invention was Sandwich is also associated with the John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich who wanted to play his game without him being a hindrance. This is where his cook started to put meat in two pieces of bread which allowed him to enjoy his game while being able to enjoy his game. But, unfortunately, the chef went unnoticed as the name of the real inventor was not recorder and is still unknown.

Card counting is legal

Card counting strategy can easily be used to account for some of the best ways it can be dealt with as the card which is remaining in the deck. Card counting is not thrown out of the casino and casinos will give you the opportunity to get things right and work the cards in your favour. This is one step which is more likely to have the right changes which can allow one to the changes one gets when you shuffle cards.


Self Exclusion Programme

This is one of the most surprising facts which will allow oneself from the casino in the states of the US. This self-exclusion program is geared towards those who are looking to have the right addiction to gambling. There are many people who are looking to find the right period their own. This can either lead to you being banned for life. This means that you will be in no way to get their names off their list.

First slot machine

Charles Fey has been credited with the invention of the first slot machine in the year 1895. He was a mechanic who can allow one to get the right access to the company before starting his own company. Fey’s Liberty Bell Machine which was placed in an auto shop which allows the customers to enjoy themselves when waiting to vehicle repairs.

Simple Gambling Tips bound to Work at a Casino

Simple Gambling Tips bound to Work at a Casino

At times, it is the simple rules and tips that people forget to implement at gambling. They often go for big strategies and measures, without completely understanding the basics. This method of gameplay is not going to bear a lot of fruit for the future. You might end up in unpleasant situations when you blindly follow huge strategies without acknowledging its inner meaning and purpose. So to bring back the basics and to make you look good at a casino, here are a bunch of tips that will help.

1. Rules and Regulations

Understanding the rules and regulations of games that you are going to play calls for an action that makes perfect sense. You will be able to capitalise on the right things and move forward effectively. In this manner, you will gain more insights about the game since you can understand them. With the proper load of a bunch of basics, you can avail the perfect start to a good career as a gambler. Hence, always make it a point to learn the rules before you roll the dice.


2. Avoid Assumptions

Assumptions are for pros and professional gamblers. They tend to make such calls after analysing the game through years of practice. So by all means, this does not seem like a great idea for a beginner. Even if you won a game in the past, you shouldn’t be thinking about making assumptions. It kills the idea about the game, and your approach stands to be altered. So it is best if you did not imagine or assume to be better than everyone.

3. Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are not the same as rules. They tend to mean different things and go ahead with various purposes. Before you play any game both at an online casino or at an offline one, you need to read through the required set of terms and conditions. You should be able to figure out the reason for their existence and move accordingly. By doing so, you can be sure to witness specific changes.


4. Do Not Ignore Finances

Finances tend to form a considerable part of gambling, and it is essential to be cautious about the same. Gambling is not the only need that you have to meet with your finances. So it would be good to form a limit on the amount that you are going to be spending on gambling. This particular practice will help you make solid decisions, and you will end up with trouble. For amateurs, this is an important rule that you need to follow at all costs. It can make your stint with gambling a lot safer and reliable.


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